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"Look mom, I can surf!"

The NSR team volunteered their time over the weekend and helped teach the Barrio Planta kids how to surf.  This is the second time we've done this for Barrio Planta and it's definitely a fun time.  The project gives local San Juan Del Sur kids something productive to do with their time after school and on the weekends.  Activities include English classes, Arts and Crafts, Drama class, Sports programs, etc.  A couple of times a year, the kids with perfect attendance get rewarded with a "beach day" - with Surfing as the main attraction.  This time there were approx. 30 kids who made the trip - and they all had a blast!  (so did we).  The whole NSR team participated and included:  Pancho, Carl, Heather, Miguel, Juan Busto and DLite.  We even got Luis Chamorro, former Nicaraguan Surf Champion to lend a hand.  Special thanks to the Barrio Planta team and everybody else who donated time and energy to the cause.  Check out some of the photos!

Carl shares the stoke with one of the Barrio Planta girls

Juan Busto teaches the fundamentals of wave catching

When you play hard, it makes you hungry - sometimes you even eat paper

Luis Chamorro, former National Surfing Champion, was happy to share his surf knowledge Barrio Planta

Do you remember your first wave?

Everybody stands up with DLite!

How do you feed 30 hungry kids?  With about 30 bologna sandwiches!

You can learn more about the Barrio Planta Project by visiting their website: http://barrio-planta-project.blogspot.com/



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